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Services and Acquisitions

TCA is an institutional advisory firm, an acquirer of wireless leases and cell towers for two financial institutions and a national partner of AT&T that manages AT&T’s own acquisitions of lease and tower assets acquired via exercising their Rights of First Refusal. While we charge institutions for our services (we have been a buy-side advisor on multiple portfolio purchases totaling more than $1 billion in the last 4 years), we do not charge individuals, small businesses, municipalities or religious entities for our advice. We also publish annual valuation statistics for wireless leases and towers to benefit landlords who are interested in monetizing their assets and need a place to go to assess value.

With respect to those landlords that are interested in lease monetization or physical tower asset sales, we provide offers from one or both of our funds (as well as from AT&T if they are a tenant on any of the infrastructure). We have no sales personnel calling to try and buy leases or towers below market value and no ‘call-center’ pestering landlords. Our principle was one of the founders of what has become the industry of buying cell tower and rooftop wireless leases and easements and have been acquiring these assets for 18 years. Finally, we have learned that a good business doesn’t have to be based on outbound ‘selling’. It can be built on the provision of truthful, useful information and some of the best pricing in the sector.

Services We Provide

Site Owners: Free advisory and analytical services as well as the highest offers for lump sum buyouts for Site Owners seeking to sell their rent stream. Our average increase in offer prices and values for site owners that contact us has been more than 10% above the highest offers they have had to date. Why pay an ‘advisory’ firm when you can deal with experts that started the wireless lease buyout business in 2001. Our ‘reward’ comes simply by being given the opportunity to make you an offer tailored to your objectives and situation, not ours.

Tower Owners and Developers: TCA manages the divestiture and acquisition activity of certain tower assets as a part of our national program with one of the 4 major carriers. We calculate values and pricing for this carrier to acquire the towers they are a tenant on. Working on multiple assets every month for our client, we are more than current on the nuances of both the market and tower valuations. Our scope of work requires us to analyze, package, recommend for purchase or acquire ourselves infrastructure all across the country. If you own or are developing one or more towers with one or more investment-grade anchor tenants, contact us today.

Tenant Partners: TCA offers advisory services for tower companies and wireless carriers seeking to protect their assets from predatory aggregators. Tower Capital Advisors is proud to have been engaged by AT&T since 2015 to assist their landlords around the country. Call us for references.

Institutional Investors: Real-world, operator-level experience complements the traditional investment banking approach to advisory services for institutional and private investors seeking portfolios or individual transactions in the space.

Private Investors: TCA’s acquisitions of wireless infrastructure easements/leases provide long-term cash flows with investment-grade tenant-credit counterparties. If you would like to learn more, contact us today.

Tower Capital Advisors announces a Tower Acquisition Program managed for AT&T for small to middle-market Tower Owners/Developers:

Tower Capital Advisors currently performs a regular service as part of our scope of work as a national partner of AT&T that requires us to analyze, structure, value and acquire (either using our funds or AT&T’s funds) cell towers that AT&T is a tenant on. AT&T wants to make sure that if a tower owner is looking to sell their tower, they consider AT&T as a preferred buyer. As part of that relationship with AT&T, TCA acts either as a direct acquirer or manager of AT&T’s acquisitions of towers for carriers. With more than a transaction a week in single or multiple tower purchase opportunities coming across our desk, we are uniquely suited to provide tower owners with up-to-the-minute values and the highest purchase prices in the industry. If you own one or more cell towers with at least one PCS tenant on them, we believe our expertise in maximizing the value of your assets is worth exploring.

Below we have provided some relevant data from our 2021 YTD tower activity that we hope you find useful:

"TCA offered us great advice in negotiating our lease agreements and were both responsive and competitive in their acquisition process. I would advise anyone who is not an expert in the tower business to consult with Tower Capital Advisors."
Hank Yunes, Licensed Real Estate Broker - AV Homes - Boca Raton, Florida

"Although I have been in the real estate business for over 40 years, we quickly learned that cell tower deals are a creature unto themselves. ... Thanks is not enough!"
Tom Hamilton, Athens, TN

"I honestly can't thank you enough for all of this information.  This is a huge help and is so much more than what I thought I was looking for."

"In an industry that is populated with a large percentage of less than ethical individuals, Mr. DeMita is truly an upstanding outlier.  The world would be a far better place to live if everyone had the moral compass that he has."
Mike Martuch, Kissimmee, Florida

"Thank you very much for your assistance with my tower lease questions. Your prompt assistance and depth of knowledge really helped clarify some difficult questions."
Steven Selvaggio, Facility Manager - Whitestone Power Communications

"I wanted to thank you for your advice on the tower buyout deal....I am getting roughly 17 years worth of payments up front [and] by this time next year my family will be completely debt free."
Anthony J.

"After interviewing a handful of cell tower industry consultants around the country...your genuine offer to help our group understand the nuances of negotiating our transaction was well received [and] your candor allowed me to feel comfortable sharing my confidential goals..."
Shannon V. - Land of Sky Regional Center

"TCA was the most helpful, up-front and honest of all the buyers we spoke to.  We were comfortable in our decision to sell our lease to them and now have the terms and cash needed to help our company grow."
Nava Christian - Northern Star Enterprises, Inc.

"As a naïve cell tower lease holder considering selling my lease, TCA's website provided me with the information I needed to get a transaction done right. Mr. DeMita continued to support and educate me through closing and I was able to increase my offer by $95,000!"
Bob from Illinois

"Your expertise of analyzing our position, offering options, and then executing on the best option certainly created a lot of value for Vermont Academy."
Stanley Colla - Interim Head of School

"TCA offered us great advice in negotiating our lease agreements and were both responsive and competitive in their acquisition process. I would advise anyone who is not an expert in the tower business to consult with Tower Capital Advisors."
Hank Yunes, Licensed Real Estate Broker - AV Homes - Boca Raton, Florida

"TCA helped my 80 year old mother renew our lease, was there for us every step of the way, and genuinely cared that we got a fair shake when there was nothing in it for them. Rare in today's 'what's in it for me' world!"
Karen Daykin - Independence, Iowa

"I wish I had known TCA a few years ago when I was dealing with our tower company tenant.  Thanks again for all you do."
Gary Zipperian - Clancy, Montana

"Trying to understand contracts and lease agreements can be daunting.  With TCA's help, I feel more secure in knowing what our options are."
Bill Mangham - Supervisor, Whitefish Township, Michigan

"We especially appreciate your consultative approach. TCA's price was significantly higher than the two other bids we solicited."
Matthew J. Robertson - General Manager - Lake County Fair Association

"We would whole-heartedly recommend TCA to anyone considering selling their lease.  ... the closing process was smooth, [and] event free."
Stephen R. Reller - Executive Director, BC Baseball League

"TCA purchased my tower lease. They were courteous and professional, with a personal touch, and they went the extra mile to make the closing and paperwork simple and stress free."
John Shick

"TCA provided us with a thorough analysis of our offers and purchase documents. I would highly recommend them to other property owners looking to sell their tower or rooftop lease."
Sung B. Kim

"Honest, free and knowledgeable advice on valuing our cell tower lease. Many thanks!"
Denise Hammond

"When another sale proved difficult to close due to cumbersome documents, TCA offered to directly purchase our lease themselves for a much higher price. I would very much recommend TCA to anyone looking to sell their wireless lease."
John Kowkabany - Nooram of Jax, Inc.

"TCA helped us get 30% more than our original offer for our site and provided very useful assistance on our offers and the process all along the way."
Dr. David Stark

"TCA has a good handle on the marketplace and provided us with free and very helpful guidance during our sale."
Dan Strother, Lovers Lane UMC