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Are you in the dark about the value of tower and rooftop cellular leases and easements?

Market Data
TCA lights your way by providing regularly updates statistics on average offer prices for wireless lease buyout in the market. No other firm in the industry does that.

Whether you are a property owner interested in selling a lease or someone that knows one. TCA's buyout offers for wireless leases pay more to both Seller and originators than any other firm in the industry.

Free advice for site owners. 22 years of experience in the wireless infrastructure aggregation space for our institutional advisory service client. We have raised or advised on the deployment of more than $700 million in capital for the sector.

Current Pricing, Cap Rates and Statistics

Obtain the information you need to make an informed decision about the value of telecom towers and leases. Our advice is free for individual site owners and municipalities, and our data is available to the public. TCA also provides valuable insights into the varied marketing 'techniques' used by some buyout firms to convince site owners to sell and opine on their validity.

The full-year 2023 market statistics and cap rates for wireless leases and cell towers were updated and published on 2/9/24. A 'must read' for prospective sellers.

In summary, 2023 prices have stabilized or come down slightly.  Activity is brisk in the space in what continues to be a seller's market, but buyers are being pressured with higher costs of capital.

Read our opinion on the effects inflation and rising rates have on future prices for wireless leases and cell towers.

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For Site and Tower Owners

Companies that call to amend, extend or buy your wireless lease or tower all have one common goal: To pay you as little as possible and take as much as possible in return.

TCA's principals have been in the wireless infrastructure acquisition business since 2001 and have acquired and advised on more than $700 million in asset purchases. Our Lease Buyout section describes how lease monetization works, what to do, and what NOT to do when selling or amending a lease, and no matter who you sell it to, our advice is free. If you are ready to consider monetizing your wireless lease or selling a cell tower, call us for a bespoke offer backed by more than $1 billion in capital or directly funded by our carrier partner.

COMING SOON: Commentary regarding Strategies for Sellers when dealing with Tenant lease RIghts of FIrst Refusal (ROFR) clauses:  Have you finally chosen a buyer for your lease or tower that you are happy with after years of being contacted?  Unless you want your tenant taking over the sale or assigning it to a 3rd party, you will want to read this forthcoming commentary by TCA.  As the manager and analyst for AT&T of their own ROFR waiver requests since 2015, no one in the industry better understands the implications of the ROFR process.  Check back often or follow us on LinkedIn or X for updates.

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TCA Tower Acquisitions and Sell-Side Engagements

As an AT&T National Partner, TCA values and acquires (either for our own funds or for AT&T themselves) cell towers and leases. For those requiring an RFP process, TCA offers formal sell-side engagement services with record results. See our Market Data section for information on recent Tower and Lease pricing, and contact us today for more information.

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Site Owners and Municipalities

Honest advisory and analytical services for Site Owners seeking to sell their rent stream are available at no charge - no matter whom they choose to sell to. Unlike other firms, TCA does not suggest we will 'value' your tower or lease and then provide a low number in an attempt to buy it. We are the only firm in the industry to publish our (and the overall market) purchase multiples annually so that site owners with lease revenue from the wireless carriers can make informed decisions about selling or not selling their assets.

Since 2015, TCA has been retained by AT&T to manage their tower acquisition initiative for their tower landlords. If you are a tower owner with AT&T as a tenant, contact us for more information.

In The News

Atlanta, GA, March 7, 2023: Press Release – Tower Capital Advisors Completes Sale of 8 Towers for AT&T. Read the full release here: TCA Press Release – March 7, 2023

Atlanta, GA, June 19, 2022: Inside Towers – Interview with Michael DeMita – CEO of Tower Capital Advisors: “How Is the Current Economy Impacting the Tower Business?” Mr. DeMita comments on the possible effects of inflation and rising interest rates on prices for wireless easements and towers. Read the full interview here: Inside Towers – Interview with Michael DeMita – How Is the Current Economy Impacting the Tower Business

Atlanta, GA, September 23, 2021: Intelligence by Inside Towers – Article by Michael DeMita – CEO of Tower Capital Advisors: “It’s a Seller’s Market for Wireless Infrastructure” Mr. DeMita comments on the dramatic increase over the last two years in prices for wireless easements and towers in light of current financial markets. Read the full article here: Intelligence by Inside Towers – M&A Advisory – Tower Capital Advisors article

Atlanta, GA, August 5, 2021: Tower Capital Advisors Releases 2021 YTD Statistics on Wireless Lease and

Cell Tower Cap Rates and Prices. Statistics include cap rates and acquisition multiples for rooftop leases, cell tower ground leases and cell towers. Quoting management: “…it is a good time to be a wireless landlord.” See the full release here: TCA August, 2021 Press Release