Cell Tower Lease BuyoutIn February, 2007, prior to starting TCA, our CEO, Michael DeMita, founded one of the country’s largest ground and rooftop lease aggregation firms. Starting with a $200 million commitment from  partner Royal Bank of Scotland-Greenwich Capital, he has raised over $300 million in debt and equity from public and private institutions for this business. He has been active in the aggregation of these assets for over a decade and, under his leadership, his last firm sold two portfolios of easements/cash flows from cellular tower and rooftop sites for more than $100 million.

After many years of road shows and meetings with investors and institutions interested in owning the assets, his firm and portfolio sold in 2013 to the highest bidders for both – setting record pricing levels and reaping double digit IRR’s and multiples of returns on capital for his investors.

Mr. DeMita and all other principals of TCA have unblemished ethical and professional backgrounds and a long history of excellent relationships with investors, site owners, wireless carriers and tower companies. TCA’s management has worked with and presented to most, if not all of the players in private equity, finance, investment banking and the carriers that participate in the space since 2001 and looks forward to working with you as well.

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" Although I have been in the real estate business for over 40 years, we quickly learned that cell tower deals are a creature unto themselves. ... Thanks is not enough!"