Thank you for contacting Tower Capital Advisors about your wireless assets. 

In order for us to provide either advice, a valuation or an offer (all of which is done at no cost), it would be very helpful to obtain a copy of your lease and to know a little bit more about your current revenue and escalations.    All information sent to TCA is confidential. 

If you are able to send us the above material in advance of a call, when we speak we can quickly let you know what you might expect in terms of proceeds in any sale or how else we might suggest you proceed.  We are happy to give you our advice at no charge if you are trying to negotiate a renewal or a new lease and, if you are interested in monetization, we typically can provide written offers from our own funds (or from AT&T directly if applicable) within 4 business days of review.

Prior to our call, and while we wait for a copy of your leases and any amendments, we suggest you review our Market Data section to obtain an up-to-date estimate of wireless lease and tower valuations and our recommendations with respect to what to look for and what to avoid when selling or negotiating any wireless revenue.

Wireless Lease Market Data – Tower Capital Advisors

Best Regards and we look forward to speaking with you,