Representative Transactions

Tower Capital Advisors does more than give our opinion and analytics away at no charge.  We purchase individual or multiple leases at the highest prices in the market utilizing structures that don’t attempt to take what we aren’t paying for, and at no cost to the Seller.  Below we provide the detail of just some of our recent purchases.  References are available upon request:

TCA provides sellers more than the best pricing in the market.  We offer 16 years of experience in the sector as well as two decades of experience in investment banking, private equity and finance.  Below please find examples of the types of letters of appreciation we receive from sellers:

BCB-jpeg LCF-Testimonial-full tower-capital-testimonial-letter3-copy  Tower-Capital-Advisors-Reference-Letter-2017-image

BC Baseball League           Lake County Fairground       Vermont Academy         Northern Star Enterprises

Finally, in addition to purchasing hundreds of individual leases since our inception in 2013,  Tower Capital Advisors is proud to have worked with various institutional clients and completed a number of larger acquisitions and advisory services transactions.  Here is a sampling:

We look forward to assisting you as well.

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